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Sanya Palm Springs International Resort VillageGeographic Location

The Palm Springs International Resort Project is located at the Yalong Bay National Tourist Resort of Sanya City, Hainan Province, the southern tip of Hainan Islands, the true edge of the sky and the rim of the sea in perceived from the perspective of China’s geographical characteristics.

Neighboring White Stone Hill in the north and Kanyang Bay in the south, next to Liudao fishing port in the west and Yalong Bay in the east, Sanya Palm Springs International Resort Golf Course extends 5 kilometers from east to west and 2 kilometers from south to north, and occupies an area of 10.33 square kilometers with a costal line of about 16 kilometers, integrating mountains, ocean sceneries and many other advantageous resources. It will be developed and built into a first class golf course in the world relieved against mountain massif and waterscape, and surrounding the course and the hotel, super-five-star resort hotels, themed private meeting places, and resort villas with the most brilliant sceneries in Asia will also be constructed.

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