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Four Seasons Private Apartment BeijingFour Seasons Private Apartment Beijing

Geographic Location

Beijing Four Seasons Private Apartment Geographic Location

Beijing Four Seasons Center is located at the center of the 3rd embassy area of Beijing, and it has been or will be selected by some of the foreign embassies, including American, South Korean, Japanese, Indian, Israeli, Malaysian, and Brunei embassies, 500 meters away from the East Third Ring Road at the west side, and 1500 meters away from the East Fourth Ring Road at the east side. To the west, it is neighboring Yansha emporia Center with some famous places such as Yansha Shopping Center; and Kempinski Restaurant. Thus Beijing Four Seasons Center is a traditional high-level residential area of foreigners.

Beijing Four Seasons Center is surrounded by the second embassy area, CBD, and LBD around Zhaoyang Park composed of many high-level projects represented by Palm Springs international Apartment, which make this part of the city become the area with the most exotic flavor undisputedly across Beijing. Apart from many star-hotels, many A-level office buildings are the office buildings of a variety of world-famous enterprises such as Kohler, Korean Hyundai, LG, Toyo Kaisha, EPSON, Toyota, Siemens, SHARP, Hitachi, and Microsoft etc.

As for transportation, the main roads such as the 3rd ring road, the 4th ring road, the airport highway, and the 10th line of the subway which will be put into use in 2008 form a net of transportation together ensure that this part of the city becomes one of the areas with the most convenient transportation in Beijing.

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