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Quality First Gives Us Win2011-04-25

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Quality First Gives Us Win
Palm Springs Holdings enters China top one hundred real estate enterprises

Top 500 hundreds China real estate enterprises valuation result conference announced selected Real Estate Company names on 23rd, March 2011. Key subjects in the conference are transformation, innovation and responsibility. This year, Palm Springs Holdings Co., Ltd enters China top one hundred real estate companies, and ranks the top 11th real estate company in Beijing area. 

Evaluation panel includes China Real Estate Appraisal, China Real Estate Association, China Real Estate Research Association and China Real Estate Research Technology Co., Ltd. There are 7 major criterions that value comprehensive strength: enterprise scale, risk management, profitability, growth potential, operation performance assessment, innovation and corporate social responsibility. Further 19 performance indicators consist of financial Revenue Scale, developing scale, profit scale, asset size, short-term and long-term repayment ability, relative and absolute return ability, sales, profit and asset growth, resource reserve, means of production and operation ability, human resource operation ability, operated innovation, product creativity, tax liability, social security responsibility, charitable donation and etc. The evaluation also has 35 operational standards: business income, rental income, saleable area, investment property holding area, general assets, total profit, cash flow and debt ration, etc.

Beijing Four Seasons Private Apartment and Beijing Palm Springs Platinum Apartment that developed by Palm Springs Holdings become model of residential development project in the evaluation company list since the projects have perfect location, top service facilities and high-end sales performance but with small amount items.
The evaluation gives people a glimpse of how such a low-key company operates. At present, Palm Springs has developed a number of projects located at Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Sanya. Total investment is over 20 billions RMB. Following new projects commenced and new land being signed, a named strategy draw “high-value leisure real estate industrial chain” has been formed through the whole nation.

In the next five years, Palm Springs Holdings will follow multi-cities development and national strategic plan to improve operation of “high-value leisure real estate industrial chain”, and further expand marketing share so that the company can keep its leading position in China real estate industry. 

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