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A New Ocean Town, A New Relaxation Land2011-03-22

A New Ocean Town, A New Relaxation Land

Palm Springs Holdings formally entered Suizhong economic development coast zone

At 22nd March, 2011, Palm Springs Holdings formally signed cooperative agreement about Suizhong Big Heritage Park International Leisure Coast Town Project with Suizhong coast economic development coast zone administration committee.

Suizhong Economic Development Coast Zone (SZEDCZ) is located at south of Hulu Island of Liaoning province and Bohai Sea area, east of summer palace Beidai He, and next to Shanhai guan. It is the head town of a named project “Five Spots One Line” in Bohai Sea economic area, and is the strongly supporting economic zone at Liaoning province.

The cooperation with SZEDCZ is a win-win union. It is a great combination of reputation brand and government supporting policy, high quality and coast area construction in which interact and support each other. The area will be driven fast by high quality and developed brand promoting.   

Miss Nicole Yang, Executive Director of Palm Springs Holdings Co., Ltd, attended cooperation agreement signing ceremony with Mr. Tian shukui, Suizhong, County Party Committee Sectary, and Head of Suizhong County Mr. Luo jianbiao about Great Heritage Park International Coast Leisure Town Project and Great Heritage Sport Park Coast Leisure Community Project.

According to the Agreement, the cooperation will support development strategy of Liaoning province coast economic zone. Palm Springs will use its experienced high-end leisure real estate development assisting the economic zone in building The Great Heritage Park, rock, ocean, sand and other landscape elements, featured in leisure, vacation land, life style, tourism, training park and luxury apartment. The main idea of agreement is to build a high-value relaxation international ocean town with full of natural and historical spots. The project will attract north and northeast of China, and northeast Asia.    

The cooperation of enter SZEDCZ represents Palm Springs is beginning to process its strategic distribution of a named plan “High-end leisure real estate industry chain” to the country.  

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