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The Lifestyle with Palm Springs2010-09-30

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The Lifestyle with Palm Springs
——Official Handover of Palm Springs International Apartment

“The lifestyle with Palm Springs!”When Palm Springs International Apartment opened up to the market in Beijing, suddenly, people started to re-evaluate the kind of lifestyle they were looking for. Here, once a piece of untouched land, once part of an undiscovered dream, once filled with unfathomed silence.

Now, Palm Springs International Apartment has been successfully handed over to its owners. What we get is not a piece of quiet land, but the beginning of an endless journey, with heartfelt emotions, together we come to share beauty and elegance……

Excellent Location  A Look to the Future

Life is an attitude, and architecture is a method of expression. The end of September, 2010 marked the official handover of the Palm Springs International Apartment. Facing Chaoyang Park, which is the central park in Beijing, the Palm Springs International Apartment expressed a whole new way of living.

The Eastern district has been the main area of development in Beijing; this area also leads the price of the housing market. In 2009, municipal government of Beijing decided to extend CBD district to Chaoyang North Road, Tonghuihe to the Northeastern, all the way to East Fourth Ring,increasing area by 3 square kilometre, increasing commercial building area by 300 square kilometer. The new CBD East area will continue to elaborate on the existing CBD, further building upon economic, international finance, and high-end commercial properties.

Currently, the most centralized, developed, and with good locations are all along the East Four Ring, in the next 10 years, Choayang District and the City of Beijing will invest an additional 15 billion towards construction of CBD East, especially since CBD East is well resourced in land, and the opportunity for record breaking sales. At Beijing Palm Springs International Apartment, we are able to see the spectacular city view of Beijing, surrounded by the quiet green, we stand out above all others.

Palm Springs International Apartment is located in Building 8 and Building 11, viewing 300 hectares of city park, CBD East District, and close to the embassy district. This is not only one of the most traditional foreign affairs district in Beijing, it is also the city’s most important green district, making it the most attractive place for foreigners to reside. Subway line 14 will be constructed at Chaoyang Park, which will add even more convenience when travelling to Guomao station at the China World Trade Center, heart of CBD. Within minutes, Palm Springs International Apartment can enjoy the tranquility of a garden walk, as well as the fast-pace and glamour of urban city.

Green City Tranquility vs. Glamour: Only a Wall Apart

Palm Springs Platinum Apartment located at Palm Springs International Apartment offers the same great location, uniqueness, outstanding design and architecture, making it a defining structure within the city.

In April of 2002, Palm Springs International Apartment commenced sales to the public. Commencement of sales gave prospective buyers a second opportunity to see the finished piece as opposed to anticipation of this luxury estate. The bold initiative to introduce the Marriott brand is also the first step towards achieving global standards. All those who value quality living would remember the recording breaking sales of Palm Springs International Apartment back in 2002. 

Within a fortnight,Palm Springs struck the heart of many who long for high quality living. Chaoyang Park, CBD, Dongzhimen commercial district, Xizhimen, Yansha shopping center, airport, and the embassy district, all within reach by this property of public recognition as “the finest luxury estate in Beijing.” People’s demand for global standards has suddenly been met, at Palm Springs, they can enjoy the fresh breeze of the Palm trees, peaceful and tranquil surroundings, and the green environment in harmony with Chaoyang Park……

To maintain the Palm Springs Platinum Apartment brand signature, and to provide personalized services to each resident, we have 24 hours of VIP front desk services, food delivery, maintenance, and professional cleaning services. Our apartment owners have no need to worry about these day-to-day banal details.

Palm Springs International Club is the largest private club in Beijing – 16000 square meters of space includes full day in-door swimming, 3000 square meters of sports club, Chinese and Western restaurant, entertainment lounge, SPA, multi-purpose meeting room, ballroom of 300 capacity, all to provide for our customers whenever they have the need. Our International Club includes membership from Chinese celebrities, basketball stars, among others. In addition, the Roman courtyard style garden at Palm Springs Platinum Apartment is 38000 square meters; Palm Springs Lifestyle Plaza is 10000 square meters, including amenities for sports, dining, shopping, banks, coffee shops, and entertainment for our resident. The ease of access allows residential owners to find all that they need right at home.

People who share similar visions and dreams can often walk on the same path towards success; but to start, these identical visions are often recognized from same viewpoint.

Palm Springs Platinum Apartment created dreams come true, right here at Palm Springs, we can experience lifestyle with international standards! The largest international residence in Beijing, open-mindedness, global architectural designs, and vibrant residential spirit all come to bring out the best of high-quality living. 


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