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Palm Springs Platinum Apartments Tout by Beijing2010-03-25

Since January of this year, Palm Springs Platinum Apartments had sold more than half of its total numbers of units in less than 3 months. What had caused this domestic selling high-end property to reach such a high sales performance? Is it only because of Palm Springs brand effect? Our reporter proceeded with a on-spot interview.

【High Cost Performance Brings in the Investment Fever】
Last May, the Beijing municipal government has decided to extend the CBD area along the Chaoyang Road North, as well as extending the Tonghui River to the East Fourth Ring, expanding an area of approx. 3 square kilometers and an office tower area of 3 million square meters. The expanded CBD East area will continue its industry position, focusing on the development of central economy, international finance as well as high-end business etc. Beijing municipal government and Chaoyang district will invest 15 billion yuan for the expansion of CBD east, and among this, the investments in common area infrastructure such as roads and greening will reach 7 billion yuan. Other than the construction of A-level office tower that accounts 50% of the projects, the government will also start the construction on business supportive facilities, including the construction of international hospital as well as top standard elite schools etc.
The East has always been the most important area for Beijing real estate market, and it is also the indicator for the price trend of Beijing real estate market. Currently, the properties at the east are most concentrated with the most popular supportive facilities, its locations further presents its advantage over the others. Thus, the average price of the majority of residences in this region have reached 30,000yuan/square meter
At the sales center of Palm Springs Platinum Apartments, the sales representative gave a detailed introduction of the project. According to the information provided for east Beijing’s high-end real estate project as well as the current market trend, the reporter clearly understood that other than the strong word-of-mouth effect of the brand, the high cost performance laid the foundation of why investors favor this project.

A comparison chart of high-end residential projects in east of Beijing (2009)
Project name Unit price (yuan) Unit area(m2) Facilities
Royal House #8 68000-100000 420-450 
Chang’an #8 (Qing Feng) 55000-100000 200-1000 
Victoria Park Sky garden 68000 Sky garden300-600 1500m2 clubhouse
XANADU 50000-62000 100-170 2000 m2 clubhouse
XingHeWan Beijing 50000 700以上 14000 m2 clubhouse
ShengShiYiPin 48000-70000 155-381 3500 m2 clubhouse
Chaoyang Park Jing Da (second phase)J5/J6 45000-50000 100-260 
HuaYuan JiuDuHui 42000-55000 100-200 850 m2 clubhouse
No.5 Vanke 40000-50000 160-220
58-100 2000 m2 clubhouse
20000 m2 commercial area
HongXiTai 40000-50000 loft71-85;
Leveling161-168 1000 m2 clubhouse
YouTang QiLin GongGuan 38000-54000 70-160 
Palm Springs Platinum Apartments 38000-50000
Full Fitment with complimentary high quality furniture and electronics 125-286 16000 m2 clubhouse
10000m2 plus commercial area
太阳公元 35000-46000 80-290 5000 m2 clubhouse

【Full fitment apartments with complimentary electric home appliances & furniture】
As the pioneer of luxury residential project in Chaoyang Park area, Palm Springs International Apartments are located at Beijing’s best area, neighboring CBD and YanSha business circle, not only adjoins the airport and CBD business area, but also close to the embassy zone as well as the city park. It had successfully created a strong market effect with high quality fitness configurations, setting a new standard for luxury residences in Beijing. The prices for second-hand properties have skyrocketed in the past five years, the leasing rate has been remained at a high level, and its performance in the leasing market had attracted the attention of investors.
The Palm Springs Platinum Apartments are the #8 and #11 building of Palm Springs International Apartments community with classic units ranged between 125-286square meters. No matter it is one bedroom or three bedrooms, the master bedrooms are all designed up to the suites’ standards with independent washrooms, providing a top quality living environment. Apart from this, the Palm Springs Platinum Apartments strictly follows the fitment standards of the 5-star executive serviced apartments, equipped with a full set of high class electric home appliances & furniture, independently central air-conditioning, temperature humidification system, independent security and alarm monitoring system, providing the homeowners a private, safe and environmental friendly living atmosphere; At meanwhile, it greatly shortens the move-in time as well as saving the time and efforts it cost for electric home appliances & furniture purchasing. Palm Springs Platinum Apartments creates a luxurious living standard by a full fitment of high class appliances and furniture, high cost performance and high-end brand configuration as well as a high quality service system.  
According to the introduction given by the sales representative of Platinum Apartments, the service personnel are the experienced attendants originally from the “Marriot Executive Apartments”, providing comprehensive services according to high-ranked figures’ living habits all the way from common area maintenance and landscaping to in-room chef cooking and the cleaning of leathers. All of these services are provided 24 hours a day, and executed with 5-star hotel standards.

【The possession of the largest private clubhouse in CBD area】
As the owner of Palm Springs Platinum Apartments, you can visit Palm Springs International Clubhouse everyday, enjoying the services and amenities provided by CBD area’s largest private clubhouse.
Palm Springs International Club have been successfully operated for seven years, it combines dining with fitness center, providing a noble and elegant environment, delicate gourmet and fine services, aiming to become a high class stylish private clubhouse in Beijing; The B1 level contains business center, Chinese-styled VIP room, wine/cigar bar, fitness center, and SPA therapy center; The B2 level includes a swimming pool, a restaurant, SPA center, fitness center, billiards room, video room, squash court, leisure bar, sports aqua bar and multimedia room. The swimming pool has a length of 55meters with palm trees and rest area surrounding it, creating an European beach landscape. There is a western styled coffee bar beside swimming pool, providing deserts, dim-sum and other snacks. The 300 square meters of multimedia room can accommodate 120 people, providing leading audio and translation equipments for business conferences.
The newly opened 3000 square meters of Palm Springs International Sports club in November 2009 has indoor golf course, basketball court, table-tennis room, badminton room, children’s playground, yoga studio, Pilates practice room and other leisure recreation facilities. The children’s playground offers the children a creative leisure venue-----200 m2 of spaces on each of the two floors present the most advanced and top fashioned facilities for both intellectuality and entertainment. 
The author walked through the courtyard into the clubhouse, looking at the clear water surface, feeling the freshness brought by the circular skylight, crystal chandelier, palm trees and European courtyard etc. Meanwhile, the classical red wine cigar bar operates thousands of valuable high-quality wine from the five famous wineries and Cuba cigars around the world; inside the indoor golf course, the player can adjust course environment such as wind direction, wind speed and speed of green etc, enjoying a true feeling of playing golf. 
Under the big environment of raising real estate prices, the Palm Springs Platinum Apartments going on its own way, to have brand respect as a precondition to enter the market at a relatively high cost performance, thus give rise to the praise among homeowners.

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